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Amp is an electric eel with the ability to charge up with electricity. The resulting charge can be used to gain a substantial amount of money.


Amp swims around the tank in a slithering motion. He periodically charges up with electricity and players can click on Amp three times in order to discharge him, shocking every guppy in the tank to death. For every electrocuted guppy, a diamond will come out of them to be collected. Every time the electrocution is administered, the game will give a free baby guppy instead of simply losing the level due to not having any fish in the tank (similar to Nostradamus in which if the last guppy is turned into the said pet, a single baby guppy will spawn). If left for too long, the lightning bolt on him will change to orange, then red, before finally zapping the water on its own.

Paired with Angie and Prego to quickly recuperate the lost guppy population, Amp is able to produce thousands of dollars in a single shock, especially in Tank 4 where guppy breeding never ends. Presto as a second Angie can further improve the revival rates of shocked guppies, making this strategy very useful in Challenge Mode.


Rumors have been circulating for years now that some companies
have developed a way to make AMP turn water into diamonds.
Conspiracy theorists believe that it is simply the interests of the
greedy diamond lobby that have prevented this research from
becoming available to the general public. AMP is closed-mouthed
on the subject.


  • Amp, along with Gash and Shrapnel, are the only pets that pose a death risk to the player's fish.
    • He will only kill special food guppies in Virtual Tank, and they will turn into conch shells.
      • Normally, the number of these guppies the player can have at one time is locked to the number of carnivores and guppycrunchers in the tank; However, Amp and Gash (along with Presto if he turns into one of the other two) raise this cap by one each, and allow you to place additional guppies beyond the normal limit, which can be useful when Amp's electric shock is ready.
  • His name, "Amp", is the unit used to measure electrical current (ampere).


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