Amp is kind of a weird pet. When clicked on, he kills every fish in your tank, turning them to Diamonds, then gives you one baby guppy. But he can't just do it whenever you want him to! Before Amp can turn your fish into diamonds he has to charge up. It takes a little while for him to charge up, though. But when he gets it, keep clicking on him to give him more power! Then eventually, he will shock all your fish and turn them into diamonds, and then a baby guppy will just drop into the tank. Amp is best used in conjunction with Angie, who will revive many of the dead fish. But since Angie tends to go slow sometimes, you might want to get Presto and turn him into Angie.


Rumors have been circulating for years now that some companies have developed a way to make AMP turn water to diamonds. Conspiracy theorists believe that it is simply the interests of the greedy diamond lobby that have prevented this research to become available to the general public. AMP was closed-mouthed on the subject.


  • He is one of the two Pets who kills Guppies along with Gash (Shrapnel may be one of them, if his bombs hit the Guppies).
    • However, he will only kill food Guppies in the vt and they will turn into Blue Conch Shells.
  • His name, "Amp" is the unit we use to count electric, which may be a reference that he will electrode the whole tank.
  • His story says that his power to turn guppies to diamonds is the great power of greed (some say), but amp says nothing.
  • This is unknown how Amp turning guppies that he kill into diamonds and give you one small guppy.


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