Angie is a yellow angelfish with gray stripes, cerulean fins, a cerulean tail, and a yellow halo. She is unlocked after completing Tank 4-4.


Angie swims around the tank aimlessly until a fish has been killed. If the fish has left a corpse, Angie will attempt to quickly swim over to the corpse and revive it until they touch the bottom of a tank. Because being eaten, such as by aliens that eat fish (i.e. Sylvester, Psychosquid) or Gash, does not leave behind a corpse, Angie is unable to revive those fish.

Angie can be useful and Tank 2 and 3 if an alien attack by Destructor or Ulysses occurs since these two aliens will not eat fish. When paired with Amp, several of the fish exchanged for diamonds can be refunded; this can become more effective when also using Presto as a second angelfish.


"To most fans, Angie can do no wrong. But to a few there will always be the question: Why did she save this fish but not that one? How does she make her fateful decision? Angie responds that she tries to save all fish but for some, it was simply their time to go. "After all, if the entire tank were saved then the frame rate would go down.""


Insaniquarium 2 still alive

Angie purposefully sat out of the fight

  • The halo above Angie's head periodically disappears and reappears.
  • Angie was excluded from the final battle to revive the other pets in the aftermath.
  • If more than 15 pets died in Tank 5, Angie will only revive 15 of them in the credits.


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