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Category: Rare Fish (vt)
Category: Rare Fish (vt)

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A ball fish is a very rare fish in the virtual tank. A typical ball fish costs 20,000 shells. When they arrive in your tank, they will be just a whiffle ball (like Stanley throws occasionally) and it will eat ice cream cones. The whiffle ball drops silver shells, every 50 seconds or so. However after about a week of constant feeding, your whiffle ball fish will grow into a soccer ball. A soccer ball fish eats a bucket of Fried Chicken (also an exotic food). After another week of constant feeding the fish will make its final transformation into a blue, red, and white beach ball. Now its resale value will be 30,000 shells, but why sell such a rare fish if you took the time to raise the thing? A beach ball fish eats the final exotic food: Pizza and will wander around your tank giving any player who took the time to buy this fish and raise it a sense of pride.

Small Ball: Whiffle Ball Fish


Plain Whiffle Fish (Before 24 hours): full refund

Plain Whiffle Fish (After 24 hours): 10,000 shells

Medium Ball: Soccer Ball Fish


Soccer Fish: 20,000 shells (Also the same as a plain ball fish's full refund)

Big Ball: Beach Ball Fish

Beach Ball Fish: 30,000 shells

Category: Rare Fish (vt)

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