A ball fish is a very rare fish that can be obtained in the Virtual Tank. A typical ball fish costs 20,000 Shells. When they arrive in your tank, they will be a small whiffle ball, however, after about a week of constant feeding, the whiffle ball will grow into a soccer ball and eventually grow into a beach ball.

Due to the beach ball's exceptional rarity and the amount of time it takes to fully raise one, they can often be considered a personal accomplishment.

Maturity Stages

Whiffle Ball


The wiffle ball is the youngest stage of a ball fish and drops silver shells. It eats ice cream and has a resale value of 10,000 shells or half of the original price. If sold within the first 24 hours, a full refund will be given.

Soccer Ball


Soccer balls are the medium stage of a ball fish and is reached after approximately a week of regular feedings. They eat fried chicken and have a resale value of 20,000 shells.

Beach Ball


Beach balls are the final stage of ball fish and are obtained after another week of regularly feeding the ball fish in its soccer ball stage. Beach balls eat pizza and have a resale value of 30,000, a 50% profit.


  • Stanley's attack involves throwing all three of these types of balls and, additionally, a basketball.
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