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Balrog is the second alien encountered in Insaniquarium. You first encounter Balrog in Tank 1-4. He is often accompanied with Sylvester in Tank 1 and in the Final Boss Fight. In Tank 4, he is accompanied with Psychosquid.


Balrog is mostly golden yellow in color, with red hair, red eyes, a tail, and has claws just like Sylvester, except they are much shorter.


Many people want to know: How does Balrog manage to keep his hair so thick and luxurious? Balrog answers: First of all, to keep the shine in my hair, I try to avoid using heated styling tools. I also like to use a wide-tooth comb while in the shower so that I can distribute my conditioner EVENLY. Finally, when sleeping, I put my hair in a scrunchie to prevent breakage.


  • Balrog is the second alien you fight, so he is still very weak.
  • Balrog is sometimes mistaken for a female, when the person mistaking him for a female doesn't know his name that is.
  • Despite being the second alien, Balrog seems a bit more devastating when accompanied with Psychosquid in Tank 4; he might have a slight increase in health, this might not be true however.
  • In Insaniqualien: Revenge of the Fish, Balrog takes the place of carnivores.
  • The concept and appearance of Balrog maybe based off wordplay of the real life sea creature known as a Sea Lion.
  • Balrog and Sylvester are the only aliens that make a similar roar when they appear.
  • Balrog is probably named after the monster of the Tolkein universe, or else for one of the many pop-culture references named for this monster.
  • Balrog is the only alien to appear in all tanks.
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