Beetles are first seen in Tank 3. They are produced by guppycrunchers and, when collected, give the player $150. Instead of falling down like other money, it climbs up the walls of the tank and disappears when it reaches the top.

Feed button (5)

Beetles used for feeding beetlemunchers

Beetles are also food for beetlemunchers, as suggested by their name. In Virtual Tank mode, beetlemunchers can also be fed by pressing the 'Feed' button at the top of the Tank and selecting the beetle from the list of available foods which will spawn beetles that cannot be collected for shells, at least one beetlemuncher must be present in the tank for beetle food to be available. Beetles cannot be collected by either Clyde or Stinky and will not be slowed down by Seymour's presence.


  • The beetle is the only kind of money that is alive and the only kind of money that moves up instead of down.
  • Strangely enough, beetles are worth 7 shells in Virtual tank and $150 in any other mode, however blue shells, the equivalent of $200 diamonds, are worth 5 shells. In other words, beetles are worth much more in Virtual Tank mode than other modes, analogical to diamonds/blue shells.
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