This "fish" may look dead, but he is actually quite lively!
Meryl, The Fish Emporium


A Bilaterus head is a generally rare fish in the virtual tank based on the alien. They come in rounded and pointed varieties and can be purchased for 10,000 shell. Bilaterus heads drop gold shells (worth 2 shells, each) can be resold for a loss at 5,000 shells. Both types of Bilateus heads may be bought but they cannot link to each other through a spine like in other game modes and will never drop better types of shells. As with other carnivorous virtual tank fish, the heads will not eat purchased fish.


Despite appearing interesting and being rarely found in the shop, some may consider Bilaterus heads overpriced for what they are able to do for a player's virtual tank. Unlike Mini-Sylvesters that mature after enough days with proper feeding, Bilaterus heads do not have any stages of growth, removing any possible profits from resale or increasing the worth of their shell drops. Bilaterus Heads aren't very appealing in terms of money spent as it takes 10,000 shells to purchase one. Otherwise, Bilaterus heads make for interesting curiosities or as a novelty fish.

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