Blip is a white porpoise with immense intellectual power. He acts as a player support by providing multiple conveniences. Blip is unlocked after completing Tank 3-4.


Blip uses his intellectual abilities to produce a variety of helpful effects for the player. Blip will tell players when fish are hungry before they show physical signs of hunger, pinpoint the location of alien entrances before an attack, provide visual health meters for aliens, and unlock every purchase option, allowing players to start buying egg pieces immediately.

In Challenge Mode, Blip can actually be a detriment. The increasing difficulty over time alone is challenging, but when purchase options are unlocked, their prices begin increasing slowly. Because Blip unlocks all purchase options in the beginning of a level, their prices begin hiking up immediately.


"Blip wrestled for years with his psychic abilities. He was shunned as a child by the other fish who hated him for being able to tell when they were hungry. Then one day, Blip got a bad feeling about a certain area of the tank. He didn't tell anyone, though, because everyone was mean to him. After all the other fish were killed, Blip felt guilty and vowed to only use his powers for good."


  • Blip is often mistaken by a number of people as a beluga whale, or even as a dolphin.
  • Players may use Presto to unlock purchase options as Blip and morph him into another pet afterward, leaving the purchasable items unlocked for the remainder of the level.


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