• Gahshunk

    Good morning everyone. As you know, Insaniquarium wiki has had a couple of instances of inactive administration. Personally, I love this wiki, and while I do take extended breaks every now and then, I always come back to the wikis I am fond of. I strongly urge you to continue reading as I would like your support on this requent.

    I've made many edits to this wiki myself, and I usually focus on creating structure in otherwise messy pages, updating images to be in a clean, transparent .png format, making corrections to grammatical and spelling errors, and ensuring every page can be navigated to, easily. That said, there are many obsolete pages that would benefit from being merged that have been around for months, possibly a couple of years. I …

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  • Amin Shah

    Colored link for all casts

    December 27, 2013 by Amin Shah

    Have you watched the Pets page? Yes, the names are colored. I got this idea from Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. Great idea, don't you think?

    A. Yes, let's color all the link.

    B. No, let them be.

    C. Yes and No. Leave some link.

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  • Mariaw

    My Records

    October 23, 2013 by Mariaw

    This is mariaw writing for my first blog post in witch I will write down my records.

    1-1   0:45 Min.      2-1   3:29     3-1    3:18     4-1   8:10

    1-2   1:54 Min.      2-2   8:27     3-2    9:43     4-2  13:06

    1-3   3:57 Min.      2-3  14:05    3-3   14:24    4-3   18:06

    1-4   6:11 Min.      2-4  13:36    3-4   12:10    4-4   26:25

    1-5   7:13 Min.      2-5  17:35    3-5   23:15    4-5   29:03

    5-8/18 Pets

    Time Trial






    Coming Soon...

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  • MegaUltraDisneyFan

    while i'm searching for stubs, i found these 2 articles. those articles are: Star potion and Star Potion. what should i do?

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  • Unknown People

    After i reads many pages, i find many pages that have Stubs and Nearly Complete Article.Why this wiki grow slowly?.

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  • Unknown People

    This is a Pets rating that bought in Tank 1 in Adventure Mode in my version :

    1. Stinky : 7/10

    Good : Help you catch any coins that you have missed.

    Bad  : Too slow, limited in bottom tank, and very bad if you use Stinky with Nimbus.

    2. Niko : 5,5/10

    Good : Produce pearl that worth $250 and 10 Shells

    Bad  : Produce rate is lower (only $6.25/sec) than Vert and Shrapnel, have a long time to produce pearl, and the pearl's value is lower than pearl that produced by Beetlemuncher and Brinkley.

    3. Itchy : 5/10

    Good : Helps you by attacking aliens.

    Bad  : Only deal low damage(same as Level 1 laser)

    4. Prego : 8/10

    Good : Produce a new free small guppy.

    Bad  : Make your tank fast overpopulate of guppies.

    5. Zorf : 6/10

    Good : Help you by feeding your fish.


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  • CandD

    New way to play!

    June 27, 2012 by CandD

    If anyone's out there (Aliens?!?!?) then just post a comment, even wiki contributors :D.

    I had a recent Idea, seeing how I'm a major part of some famous wiki's I desided that maybe we should at least try to get this place into shape for merging (didn't hear about this?, just look here!) with the other (while I wait to adopt this wiki...). It would help the more active wiki out ALOT. So my plan is to mark any page without an infobox as a stub.But wait, it gets better.....

    Afterwards, I will create new templates (on both wikis) for:

    • Aliens
    • Fish
    • Pets
    • Money

    If I come up with any other Ideas like to make a template, I'll just update this blog page ;D

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  • Moon Snail

    ok, please...

    January 19, 2012 by Moon Snail

    please change the background for the wiki! i can barely see a thing because of it!Maggma Skamper 00:03, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Xxgreenbunnyxx

    Anyone Here?

    December 23, 2011 by Xxgreenbunnyxx

    Does anyone still edit this Wikipedia or am a lonesome Guppy

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