The bonus round is a special level in Adventure Mode and the Bonus Adventure.

Pre bonus tank2

The bonus round as it appears prior to beginning.

Bonus tank2

The bonus round as it appears when in progress in Tank 2.

After the player has completed each tank in Adventure Mode, (each individual stage in the Bonus Adventure), there will be a bonus round. In the bonus round, the player tries to collect as many shells as they can. The shells collected will be added to the player's current shell balance in the Virtual Tank for use in buying bonus pets and anything sold by The Fish Emporium.

The bonus round begins with a "3, 2, 1" countdown, a timer in the bottom right corner displaying the time you'll have to collect shells, a bucket falling down to the bottom which will show how many shells you've collected during the round, and a lineup of all the shells you can collect displaying their value beneath them.

The shells will fall through the tank at varying speeds and the player attempts to collect as many of them as possible in the bucket. All kinds of shells will fall: Silver (1), Gold (2), Blue Conch shell (5), Silver Spiral shell (10) and Bag O' Shells (20). The amount of time you have to collect shells in the bonus tank increases slightly each time you get to it.

Tips n' Tricks

  • If you collect several of the same shell in a row, it will build a combo. Combo values are worth the amount of the previous click+the base amount for the shell type (Example: Bag O' Shells- 1 click - 20 shells, 2 clicks - 40 shells, 3 clicks - 60 shells etc.)
  • Combos restart after collecting 10 of the same shell in a row and getting a max combo. Maximum combos are 500 for the Bag O' Shells, 250 for Silver Spiral shells, 125 for Blue Conch shells, and so on.
  • There is limited amount of time here, so don't waste your time waiting to Bags O' Shells.
  • By the ratio of fall frequency to shell value, it's typically more profitable to build a combo of Silver Spiral shells than the Bag O' Shells during most of the bonus round.


The theme of the Bonus Round.
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