Brinkley is a purple elephant with white tusks who can scubadive. After playing the shell game between adventure mode levels, he is the first bonus pet that can be purchased for 20,000 shells.


Brinkley is useful as a fast money maker. Players can feed him fish food in exchange for money or shells. He follows a cycle which, in most cases, can generate money faster than other fish can, though later in the level, he can become unnecessary. If the player's star guppies die out in Tank 2, using Presto to turn into a Brinkley can potentially save a few starcatchers while more star guppies are being introduced. Whilst in screensaver mode, he can be paired with Zorf and either Stinky, Clyde, or both as an extra way to earn shells and feed starcatchers there, too.

Money Cycle

Brinkley systematically produces money after every third feeding. Typically, a star is produced but Brinkley produces a different item every 12 feedings. After the 108th feeding, the cycle starts all over.

  • Star: Every third feeding excluding mutliples of 12 for a total of 27 stars per cycle
  • Diamond: 12th, 24th, 48th, 60th, 84th, and 96th feedings
  • Pearl: 36th and 72nd feedings
  • Treasure Chest: 108th feeding

In Virtual Tank mode, diamonds, pearls, and treasure chests are replaced by their shell equivalents.


"Brinkley was a performing elephant for many years before escaping his cruel circus masters. Unfortunately, Brinkley could not escape his own voracious appetite. An appetite for... food!"


  • Brinkley and Gash are the only two pets in the game that eat something.
  • Brinkley is very indiscriminate about what kind of food he'll eat. The list includes regular fish food, star potions, Nostradamus' snot, and exotic diet food.
  • Upgraded food does not seem to affect Brinkley's appetite, and his appetite returns at the same time after each feeding.
  • Zorf, Prego, and Brinkley are the only pet who can feed fish in the tank. 



Here is a short video of how to use him:

Insaniquarium - How to use Special Pets - Brinkley

Insaniquarium - How to use Special Pets - Brinkley

How to use Brinkley

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