For the colored variety, see Colored Carnivore.

Carnivores are the second kind of fish to be encountered in Adventure Mode. A carnivore eats small guppies, and is food for ultravores. It drops diamonds worth $200 in Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode and Challenge Mode, and costs $1,000.

Virtual Tank

In Virtual Tank, a carnivore is always available for purchase in The Fish Emporium for 100 shells. Carnivores can also come in a variety of colors that are a more expensive the regular carnivores at 1,000 shells each, as well as a color-changing variety for 5,000 shells.

All carnivores in the Virtual Tank drop blue conch shells worth 5 shells each and they typically eat baby guppies as normal.

Johnny V

Johnny V is a rare, pre-named carnivore. Instead of eating small guppies, it eats pizza and has color-changing properties. It can be purchased for 50,000 shells.


Ludwig is a rare, pre-named carnivore. Upon being feed, it will sing songs which are composed by Ludwig Beethoven. It can be purchased for 50,000 shells


  • It resembles a piranha in visual appearance. If it is assumed that it is actually a piranha, this puts the game at 1/13th scale, which means that most aliens are around three feet long.
  • The Carnivore is known as "Oscar" in some of the game's files.
    • This is likely a reference to the oscar (Astronotus ocellatus), a type of cichlid fish native to South America. The oscar fish likely inspired the carnivore, as they look very similar, and both are highly predatory. Additionally, different breeds of oscar are cultivated to have a variety of color variations, like the Colored Carnivore.
  • A carnivore and a guppycruncher are one of a pair of fishes which make similar sounds when they expire. The other pair which shares the same manner are breeder and starcatcher (the highest pitch dying sound).
  • In the Virtual Tank, carnivores can have 14 possible color combinations. Using modifications, such as Fishinator 2, this is further increased to 4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696 (2^72).


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