Clyde is a blue jellyfish with purple tentacles with a slightly irritated-looking expression. He drifts around the tank and collects coins, and is unlocked in Level 2-1.


Clyde drifts around the tank collecting coins and other items of value. He has an advantage over Stinky due to the fact that Clyde is not confined to the bottom of the tank. However, Clyde will tend to slide around if the player takes a coin Clyde was chasing, or if he misses the coin he was chasing.

Clyde is an improvement over Stinky, but is never really needed. In the early levels, players can collect most of the coins easily enough, while on the harder levels, there are too many coins for him to catch.


"Clyde, much like Stinky, likes collecting money. Unlike Stinky, though, Clyde doesn't collect money for just any lady. He is actually saving up to finally get his mother the operation that she needs. So remember that every dollar left over at the end of a level might just go to Clyde's mother's operation fund!"


  • Clyde, with Psychosquid and Cyrax, are the only creatures with tentacles.
  • He is the only pet in the game that does not have his sprite background black.
  • Due to his appearance, it is possible that Clyde is a reference to the ghost of the same name from Pac-Man.


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