There are several codes that may typed into the game to cause cosmetic or helpful effects. To enter codes, players will need to be at any aquarium screen (with the exception of "give"). The codes do not show up as they are typed and are entered in all lowercase with no spaces. Codes may be typed in again to undo their effect in a toggle fashion.

Code Effect
Give Allows players to transfer shells to another user. Only works in the main menu.
Prego Replaces Prego's flatulence sound with a rubbery "squeak".
Space Replaces the tank backdrop with an outer space backdrop.
SuperMegaUltra Replaces Prego's sound with an even longer, louder sound.
Time Displays the time lapsed at the bottom.
Void Removes the tank backdrop for a blank, white space.
Wavy Grants a rippling water effect to the tank.
WeLoveBetaTesters Replaces the breeders' pop sound with Prego's original sound.
Zombie Makes all fish appear dead despite being alive and well.

Sandbox Mode

Once the seven pet maximum upgrade has been purchased and at least a silver trophy has been obtained, players may enter the Konami Code to access Sandbox mode. From the main menu screen, input the Konami Code on the keyboard. By entering the Konami Code, players increase the Virtual Tank pet limit from seven to 11.

Konami Code
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