In the Virtual Tank, there is an array of colored carnivores; 12 plus a rainbow carnivore. The colored ones cost 1,000 shells each if they have no other special traits. These carnivores drop blue shells, just like regular carnivores.

Color Top Color Bottom Color Fin Color
Chocolate Chocolate Pale brown Brown Alloy orange
Firebrand Fire Brand Yellow-orange Yellow Orange
Ghostcarnivore Ghost Beige Dark beige Light grey
Gunmetal Gun Metal Baby blue Teal Grey
Indigo Indigo Black Cerulean Dark blue
Lime Lime Lime green Cream Yellow-orange
Royalpurple Royal Purple Lavender Black Blue-violet
Seagrass Sea Grass Mint green Green Dark blue
Sugarplum Sugar Plum Lavender Light cyan Dark lavender
Tangerine Tangerine Black Orange Grey
Tuxedo Tuxedo Black White Grey
Velvet Velvet Black Grey Black
Rainbowcarnivore Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow


  • If using Fishinator 2, up to 2^72 color combinations can be made.
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