Choose from a dazzling array of colors. C'mon! You know you want one!
Meryl, The Fish Emporium

In the Virtual Tank, there is a large array of colored guppies; 30 plus a rainbow guppy. Colored guppies are identical in physical features and behavior as regular guppies but are priced at 500 shells instead of 25 due to their unique color variations. These guppies (when at medium-size or large size) will produce silver shells and gold shells instead of coins. Unlike regular guppies, they cannot grow to be kings, so they cannot drop blue shells.

Image Name Body Color Fin Color Price
Berry Berry Purple Pink 500
BlueGuppy Cerulean Aqua Cerulean 500
Citrus Citrus Yellow Green 500
AquaGuppy Cotton Candy Cyan Hot Pink 500
Cream Cream Cream Fuchsia 500
Earth Earth Brown Green 500
Onyx Ebony Dark Grey Black 500
BlueyellowGuppy Electric Yellow Blue 500
Gold Gold Yellow Yellow-orange 500
Imperial Imperial Red Black 500
Iron Iron Blue-Grey Dark Blue 500
White Ivory Light Grey White 500
Lavender Lavender Light Purple Cream 500
FireGuppy Lemon Yellow Dark Orange 500
PalepinkGuppy Lilac White Light Purple 500
LightgreenGuppy Lime Lime Green Light Green 500
Magenta Magenta Magenta Pink 500
Mint Mint White Mint Green 500
GrassGuppy Moss Moss Green Dark Green 500
Peach Peach Peach Orange 500
Periwinkle Periwinkle Grey Periwinkle 500
Rust Rust Laurel Green Maroon 500
Sand Sand Light Brown Blue 500
AquablueGuppy Sea Green Light Green Blue 500
Teal Seafoam Pale Green Teal 500
Venom Venom Light Green Purple 500
Vermillion Vermillion Red Orange Yellow 500
Violet Violet Pink Blue Violet 500
Yang Yang Dark Blue White 500
Yin Yin White Dark Blue 500
Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow 2500



  • If using modifications such as the Fishinator 2, more color combinations are available (up to 2^48).
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