Cookie is a special beetlemuncher that can be brought in Virtual Tank mode. Cookie costs 50,000 shells and will appear in The Fish Emporium after the player has purchased the previous three upgrades for their tank, resulting in the cumulative cost of 140,000 shells to buy Cookie.


Unlike most beetlemuchers, Cookie does not eat beetles but instead eats regular fish food. Periodically, Cookie will flash white three times and drop a randomly chosen food item from the special Feed button into the tank after being fed. The food in question is used to feed any fish that does not eat regular fish food. This can be exceptionally helpful with Zorf to feed Cookie in screensaver mode by allowing all types of fish to be fed, encouraging them to drop money while the player is away.


Insaniquarium Deluxe - Cookie

Cookie Feeds a Starcatcher

If Prego or any large breeders are introduced to the tank, Cookie will not produce guppies for guppy-eating fish.

It is highly recommended that players do not sell Cookie after purchase. Selling Cookie may result in an in-game bug that restocks the upgrade slot in The Fish Emporium with every upgrade that has already been purchased. A total of 140,000 shells over four days would have to be spent in order to re-obtain Cookie this way.


Food that Cookie will drop cannot be collected for shells and corresponds directly to the types of food the player is allowed to drop into the tank. If the player does not have a fish that eats carnivores, for example, Cookie will not drop carnivores either.

Food items include:


  • Even if Brinkley is present to feed starcatchers, Cookie will continue to feed them as well. Likewise, Cookie will still produce beetles for beetlemunchers if guppycrunchers are in the tank.
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