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Destructor is a mechanic alien that shoots several missiles for attacking the fish in the tank. Destructor can be seen in Tank 2-4 onward, its artificial mind set on one thing: "DESTROY ALL FISH!"

Destructor is confined to the bottom of the tank, but its fish-seeking missiles can reach throughout the entire tank. These missiles seek the farthest fishes.


Destructor is a robotic alien with green eyes, spiky "teeth", missile dispensers on both hands, and wheels instead of feet to move around.


Destructor was created many years ago by a brilliant scientist to be a toy for his favourite nephew. The nephew, unfortunately, was a sadistic little boy who liked torture for his pet fish. This is where Destructor learned his destructive behavior. The scientist now readily admits, "Maybe it was a bad idea giving Destructor those missiles."


This is a very simple alien since Destructor does not eat your fish. When you see Destructor, he will fire missiles to kill your fish. Destroy the missiles to prevent your fish from being killed. If paired with Ulysses in Challenge Mode and Tank 4, they will cause a massive havoc on your tank, killing all fish. Bring Angie and Presto to revive all the dead fish.

Tank 5-1

Destructor has the same behavior like the one in main levels. He will shoot your pets with missiles. If you want to save all your pets, try to shoot Cyrax many times as you can until he is almost dead. Remember to kill all the Mini-Sylvesters and destroy the missiles fired by Destructor. When Cyrax is almost dead, destroy Destructor and Cyrax.


  • In the final boss fight, if Destructor comes up, DO NOT KILL HIM! Just shoot down any missiles because he can't hurt any pet unless his missiles come into contact with the pet.
  • Rufus is the best pet you can use to destroy him in Tank 2 because Rufus fights aliens that are on the ground.
  • Stanley is also a good choice for both Destructor and Ulysses, as when missiles/energy balls are fired, Stanley will throw balls at them, and destroy them.
  • Destructor is a "Type-D" Alien.
  • Destructor is not a real alien, he was a robot created by a scientist for his nephew, who taught Destructor to use his missiles to kill, which corrupted his programming and made him an assassin robot.
  • Destructor is the first ranged alien, so he fires projectiles that home in on fish.
  • Strangely, Destructor's missiles ignore any fish besides the ones that are targeted.
  • Destructor is given the roar of a Tyrannosaurus rex in the online version of Insaniquarium.
  • When rotating, he retracts his hand and missile launcher and pulls them back out on the opposite arms.


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