After you beat the final level and defeat Cyrax, you earn 5000 shells and get the ending, which is a credits scene. In there, Angie will revive the pets that have died (if more than 15 pets died, Angie will revive only the first 15). Then, it will show the cast of Insaniquarium (all the fish, pets, and aliens). And then the people who made Insaniquarium. The credits music will play, and after the aliens scroll off the screen, the music changes into a lullaby.

There are 6 possible messages you can get, depending on how many pets have survived:

  • 1-7: No message
  • 8-12: Also, you saved a fair number of pets yourself. Good job!
  • 13-14: Hmmm... actually it looks like not that many pets died. Great work!!
  • 15: Whoa, hold on... Only 3 pets died?! That's incredible! Good shooting, there!
  • 16: Whoa, hold on... Only 2 pets died?! That's incredible! Good shooting, there!
  • 17: My goodness! That's it? You only lost one pet?! That's unbelievable!! How the heck did that happen? You rule this game!!
  • 18: Wait a minute! You didn't lose any pets?! How did you do that? That's really amazing! Seriously though... How did you do that?? Fine, keep it to yourself!

After that message, it will say "Thanks for playing. We'll see you next game"