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Energy Balls are projectiles thrown by Ulysses in Insaniquarium. They are similar to missiles, but will kill any fishes in its way and damage aliens when shot by a laser.


Ulysses will fire two Energy Balls at your fish. If left alone, they will kill the targeted fish, much like Destructor's missiles. However, when shot by a laser, the Energy Balls will become yellow, become deflected by the laser (moves in opposite direction to the shot), and become harmful to every fish in the tank. They can also damage aliens. However, when an Energy Ball is yellow, it will kill any fish that makes contact with it and continue moving, but when it hits an Alien, it deals damage then disappears. In other words, yellow Energy Balls are able to kill any fish, but can damage only one Alien.

During the final battle, Ulysses can be summoned by Cyrax. However, the Energy Balls cannot kill Mini-Sylvesters, because they are projectiles.


You can deflect Energy Balls a right and wrong way. The right way is back towards Ulysses (or other aliens if they are present other than the said alien in multiple signatures), but the wrong way is out to the other corner of the tank, where the Balls can kill more fish.

As long as you know how to properly deflect Energy Balls, you can bring Wadsworth or even Gumbo for more room to deflect the Balls. Beware if you are using Gumbo though, as if the energy balls are deflected into the Guppy/Breeder cluster (with only of them in the tank without Wadsworth and other types of fishes unless they are deflected into them with not at least one of them remaining into the tank), all of the guppies or breeders (among other fishes) will die, causing you to lose the level. Be absolutely sure you can handle the Balls. As a last resort, you can bring Angie, as the Balls will leave fish corpses in the tank, allowing you to keep them as long as Angie can get to them.



  • Energy Ball "raw" sprites are white. The turquoise or beige color is made by color-filling the sprite.
  • According to Ulysses' story, he fires these Balls mostly because, among other things, he is dumb.
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