This fish has developed a taste for exotic food!
Meryl, The Fish Emporium

Virtual tank fish with the special attribute exotic diet will not eat food that is normally preferred by others of their kind. Instead, they will eat a special kind of food such as pizza, ice cream, or chicken. In the emporium, they are priced at 25,000 shells, and their additional notes will indicate which of the three foods they like. They are quite common.

Interestingly, breeders in the Virtual Tank will also eat exotic foods on top of regular fish food. Brinkley is known to be indiscriminate between fish food and exotic food.

Pre-named fish

  • Johnny V - Johnny V is a color-changing carnivore who also enjoys pizza despite frequently swearing it off and trying to stop eating fast food altogether.


Assuming January 1st of 2020 is day 1 and December 31st is day 366, fish with the exotic diet attribute are available from The Fish Emporium on days that are odd numbered excluding those that end in 9 as in 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, and so on.

Exotic Food

Ice Cream


Ice cream is the favored food of whiffle balls.



Soccer balls prefer to eat chicken after growing out of their whiffle ball stage.



Beach balls favor pizza. Johnny V is also known to enjoy it.

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