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Fish food is the preferred food of guppies and breeders. Fish Food can be upgraded through the use of the Food Quality Upgrade button, which costs $200 per upgrade. Brinkley also eats fish food to produce money.

Regular Fish Food

Regular fish food can be dropped in the tank by clicking anywhere in it, costing $5 per piece.

Level 1


The Level 1 fish food is the starting fish food in every level. It is brown, disc-shaped, and resembles typical flake food. It has low nutrition and, therefore, takes guppies and breeders a longer time to grow. Takes 4 feedings for a baby guppy to grow to medium, and another 4 to grow to large.

Level 2


The Level 2 fish food is acquired after upgrading the food quality. It is green and cylindrical in shape, resembling pellets. It is raised 100% organically and has no artificial flavors. Zorf uses Level 2 fish food. This fish food has medium nutrition so fish grow faster than using Level 1 fish food. Takes 2 feedings for a baby guppy to grow to medium, and another 2 to grow to large.

Players cannot feed fish this type of food manually in the Virtual Tank because players immediately upgrade to level 3 food when purchasing the upgrade.

Level 3


The Level 3 fish food is the final upgrade of food quality. It is shaped like a medicinal capsule, one end of it is red and the other is white. It is rich in fat, vitamins, and artificial preservatives and has the highest nutrition value, allowing guppies and breeders to grow much faster. Takes 2 feedings for a baby guppy to grow to medium, and another 1 to grow to large.

Players can upgrade their food from level 1 to level 3 in Virtual Tank after buying the Bubbulator and Alien Attractor.

Star Potion

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Star Potions are also used to feed full-sized guppies in Tank 2 and turn them into star guppies. They can be purchased for $250. Potions can only be fed to full-grown guppies; small and medium guppies will be unable to handle the potion and consequently die without a refund on the potion.


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Snot is produced by bonus pet, Nostradamus, and will be eaten by guppies when they are absolutely starved with no other food around. Should a fish eat any Snot, it will turn into another Nostradamus. Snot can be collected for $1.


  • Two fish can eat the same piece of fish food, and both have their hunger sated, if they eat it at the exact same time. Inversely, the same fish can eat multiple pieces of fish food if they are very close to each other, but this will only count as 1 for the purpose of growth.