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Gash is a small red shark that does heavy damage to aliens when they are in the tank by biting them. Gash is obtained in Tank 4-3. However, he also eats one of your Guppies every so often.


Gash attack enemy aliens. With every bite of his sharp fangs does about the equivalent of a Level 8 Laser.


Gash used to be one of Itchy the Swordfish's best friend untl Itchy left him for dead in a violent alien attack. Now,years later, Gash roams the tank trying to settle the score with aliens and perhaps someday... With Itchy as well!


Gash does biggest damage than other battle pet (Itchy and Rufus).However, he is best used in Tank 2, 3, and 4. Use Gash in Tank 1 is not recommend, due his price is too high to pay in Tank 1, it is better use Itchy instead in Tank 1. Gash is helpful when battling Psychosquid, Ulysses, and Bilaterus.


  • It is one of the two pets which kill Guppies, the other being Amp.
    • However, Gash is the only pet that eats Guppies (food Guppies in VT).
    • Shrapnel does not count, as only his bombs kill fish.
  • Gash is likely based on a great white shark. So he would only take up a small part of the tank, however, his length was made a lower value.
  • Gash eats normally one fish soon before and one fish soon after an alien attack. He normally doesn't eat a fish before the 1st alien attack of the tank.
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