Guppies are the basis for the Insaniquarium game. Guppies have 5 forms, and this page refers to the first, the baby gupp .

In Adventure, Time trial, and Challenge mode, the guppies can be aquired by three ways- They can be brought for 100 dollars, birthed by breeders (which can be brought in later tanks for 200 dollars), or be birthed my Moma Prego (or Presto) which is disturbing a bit.

Baby guppies face several more dangers than medium, star, large, or medium guppies.

All guppies can be killed by Gash, aliens, starvation, Shrapnel's bombs, and Amp's electrocution. However, only baby guppies can be eaten by carnivores or guppycrunchers. They are also killed by consumption of a star potion.

Wadsworth can hide baby guppies in his mouth to protect them from aliens, but Gumbo can lure them away from the aliens, rather they be small or large.

For other guppies, go to Guppy Disambiguation.

A poor, little, cute, guppy.

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