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These adorable little fish are a mainstay of any aquarium!
Meryl, The Fish Emporium

Guppies are the main fish in Insaniquarium. Guppies have five apparent forms: baby, medium, large, star, and King Guppy.

In Adventure, Time Trial, and Challenge Mode, guppies can be acquired by three ways: they can be purchased for $100, born from breeders (which can be bought in Tank 4 for $200), or by using Prego (or Presto morphed as Prego).


Baby Guppy


Baby Guppies are the first growth stage of a guppy before medium guppies. This size has the highest danger of death, and won't drop anything. In Adventure Mode, a baby guppy can be protected by Wadsworth against aliens. If well-fed, a Baby Guppy will grow into a Medium Guppy.

Medium Guppy


A Medium Guppy is created when you feed a Baby Guppy enough. It drops silver coins every so often, allowing you to buy more fish and other items. In Adventure Mode, a Medium-sized Guppy can be protected by Wadsworth against aliens. A well-fed Medium Guppy will turn into a Large Guppy.

Large Guppy


Large Guppies are the next growth level after the Medium Guppies. They drop gold coins every so often. If a large guppy eats a Star Potion, it will become a Star Guppy. If a Large Guppy survives for a long time, it will turn into a King Guppy.

Star Guppy


Star Guppies, also known as Star Fish, appear when a regular Large Guppy eats a Star Potion and are only available in Tank 2. They drop Stars instead of Coins, which are eaten by Starcatchers. If a Baby Guppy or a Medium Guppy eats a star potion, however, it will die. Star Guppies can also turn into King Guppies. They are rather translucent, and are higher in contrast compared to a regular Large Guppy.

King Guppy


The King Guppy is the final form of the Guppy. If a Large Guppy is kept alive for 10 minutes, it will transform into a King Guppy. They drop diamonds instead of coins and wear a crown. The King Guppy is cyan in color with blue fins. If a King Guppy dies and Angie revives it (If you have Angie in the tank), you will still keep the King Guppy. If King Guppy tries to eat Star Potion, nothing will happen.


Baby guppies face several more dangers than medium, large, king, or star guppies.

All guppies can be killed by Gash, Aliens, starvation, Shrapnel's bombs, and Amp's electrocution. However, only baby guppies can be eaten by Carnivores or Guppycrunchers. They are also killed by consumption of a Star Potion (as are medium guppies). On the other hand, Wadsworth can hide baby and medium guppies in his mouth to protect them from aliens. Gumbo can lure all types of guppies away from the aliens.

Virtual Tank

Baby guppies are a form of food available for Carnivores and Guppycrunchers. They can be produced by Prego, a large breeder, or Cookie, if neither Prego nor a breeder is in the tank. They can also be bought from The Fish Emporium (and they can't be eaten). Regular guppies cost 25 shells, colored guppies cost 500 shells, rainbow guppies cost 2,500 shells, and more expensive guppies with various special attributes are sometimes available. All guppies have the same payout (but colored guppies can't grow to king) - small guppies give nothing, medium guppies give silver shells, large guppies give gold shells, and king guppies give blue shells.

Guppies gain resale value over time; 50% of price per growth stage: 50% for small, 100% for medium, 150% for large, 200% for king.


The first guppy a large breeder gives birth to will become owned by the player and be known as a junior, all guppies thereafter function as carnivore food. A junior will be named after it's parent with an added "JR" at the end of their name and drop substantially better shells than store-bought guppies, starting with gold shells as a baby, blue shells when medium, spiral shells when large, and bags o' shells when it becomes a king guppy. Their hometown will always be Virtual Tank.


Santa is a secret guppy that can by bought instead of a normal guppy. To get Santa, simply buy a normal colored guppy of any attribute and name it "Santa". Santa has a white body and red fins, grows each time its fed until large size, produces bag o' shells, and sings its own special Christmas fish songs. If the player buys a musical genius guppy and names it Santa, it will still only sing Christmas songs. Buying Santa guppies with special attributes, raising them, and selling them the next day to get a new one is a great way to earn shells faster.


Rocky is an extremely rare pre-named fish available for purchase in The Fish Emporium that never grows and eats ultravores, roaring loudly while it does so. Rocky has a blue body and white fins, is priced at 50,000 shells, and is associated with a disappearance glitch that makes it a bothersome fish to purchase.


5 King Guppies & Santa drop Bags of Shells (Meril's effect).


King Guppy drops Blue Shell.


Guppies made cameos in other PopCap games outside the world of Insaniquarium:

  • There are multiple Guppies underwater if you complete/fail a level in the downloadable PopCap game, Noah's Ark. They are seen swimming when the flood has risen.
  • You can see Guppies from a distance when you play the downloadable version of TyperShark from a distance when Mavis Beacon is attacked by angry sharks, piranhas, and guardians of the treasure.


  • It is based off the real fish, Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
  • It is the cheapest fish in Emporium (at a price of 25 shells)
  • The Medium size is the least vulnerable of the guppies.
  • The king guppy is the only form to have colors other than gold and pink.
  • The Guppy and Carnivore are the only fish that have special color sets in Virtual Tank.
  • It is unknown how King Guppies get their crown.
  • The Guppy is the only fish species in the game to appear in every tank (except Star form).
  • Star Guppies remain transluscent when they turn green from hunger.
  • In the virtual tank, colored guppies can have 32 possible color combinations. If using the Fishinator 2, this is further increased to 281,474,976,710,656 (2^48).
  • In Insaniquarium: Revenge of the Fish, the four spine segments are replaced with four small guppies. The king guppy replaces the ancient fish skull, and a broad blue guppy replaces the skull of Pterodactyl, connecting them together to take the place of a Bilaterus.

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