Guppymuncher, the big jawed creature

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Guppycrunchers are crab-like creatures that are confined to the bottom of the tank and are available in Tank 3. They eat baby guppies and release beetles (which are eaten by Beetlemunchers.) They have huge jaws that take up about 50% of their body. They have a tanish body with red jaws. Guppycrunchers also have small, beady black eyes on each side, just above the legs. They resemble stag beetles and spiders, and their beetles can be used to feed Beetlemunchers.

They eat baby guppies that you must lure to the bottom of the tank. They release Beetles that are worth $150 in Adventure Mode, and 7 Shells in Virtual Tank.

Virtual Tank

The Beetles released are worth 7 shells. The Beetles that they release will be eaten by any Beetlemunchers in your tank unless you're quick about getting them first. On the other hand, they're useful to feed your Beetlemunchers in screensaver mode.


Because Guppycrunchers eat small guppies, don't useRhubarb. Guppycrunchers will be forced to jump to catch Small Guppies and may have difficulty getting to them or even die because the Small Guppies are snapped back to the top by Rhubarb. It is also recommended that you drop food near the bottom of the tank to lure Small Guppies to the bottom.


  • In the fan-made game InsaniQualien The Revenge of the Fish, Guppycrunchers are used as missiles. The Guppycruncher is played by the alien Ulysses.
  • Guppycrunchers and Carnivores make similar sounds when they die.
  • In the game's files, the images with the Guppycruncher's sprites refer to them as "grubber". Strangely, the complete sprite sheet refers to them as "grubgrubber" instead.


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