Guppycrunchers are seen in Tank 3 of Adventure ModeTime Trial Mode, and Challenge Mode. Guppycrunchers eat small guppies. They give beetles to the player, which instead of falling down the tank, climbs up the walls of the tank. A beetle gives the player $150, and is also the food for beetlemunchers.

Virtual Tank

In Virtual Tank, a guppycruncher is sold in The Fish Emporium for 2,500 shells. A guppycruncher in Virtual Tank acts very much like a guppycruncher in other modes. A beetle it releases gives the player 7 shells.


  • In the fan-made game InsaniQualien The Revenge of the Fish, Guppycrunchers are used as missiles. The Guppycruncher is played by the alien Ulysses.
  • Guppycrunchers and Carnivores make similar sounds when they die.
  • In the game's files, the images with the Guppycruncher's sprites refer to them as "grubber". Strangely, the complete sprite sheet refers to them as "grubgrubber" instead.


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