You've never seen a fish like this!
Meryl, The Fish Emporium

A carnivore silhouette

Invisible (or ghost) fish are fish that remain transparent with only a distorted outline revealing their location. When fed, invisible fish will briefly become visible and reveal their appearance before becoming invisible again. They are priced at 30,000 shells in the emporium and their additional notes will state they like stealth.

In The Fish Emporium and fish selection screen, invisible fish are shown as only mildly transparent instead of being completely invisible for the purpose of showing off their appearance before purchase.


Assuming January 1st of 2020 is day 1 and December 31st is day 366, fish with the invisible attribute are available from The Fish Emporium on days that begin with an even number and end with an 8 as 28, 48, 68, and so on.


An invisible ultravore against the "void" backdrop

  • Being punched by Walter briefly causes invisible fish to become visible.
  • Invisible fish distortions are clearly visible when using the "Void" and "Space" codes.
  • Like the Speedy and Forwardly Challenged attributes, no pre-named fish have the invisible attribute.
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