Ludwig sings

Ludwig is a pre-named carnivore with a black and cerulean body and sea-foam green fins. Ludwig is a musical genius named after the composer Ludwig van Beethoven and regularly plays his music such as Fur Elise and Fifth Symphony.

Like other carnivores, Ludwig eats guppies and drops blue shells. It can be purchased from The Fish Emporium for 50,000 shells, although finding the carnivore in the shop can be extremely rare.

Fish Songs

Ludwig plays the following songs after every five feedings and may play extended versions after four regular songs like other musical geniuses. They are all by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Song Length Extended
Appasionata Op. 57 1st Mvmt. 0:13 1:39
Appasionata Op. 57 3rd Mvmt. 0:11 1:49
Emperor Piano Concerto Op. 73 1st Mvmt 0:19 2:26
Fifth Symphony 0:12 0:36
Fur Elise 0:12 n/a
Hammerklavier Op. 106 1st Mvmt. 0:15 1:59
Moonlight Sonata 0:20 0:52
Moonlight Sonata Op. 27#2 3rd Mvmt. 0:16 0:48
Ode to Joy 0:12 n/a
Pathetique Op. 13 1st Mvmt. 0:22 1:10
Pathetique Op. 13 2nd Mvmt. 0:18 0:53
Pathetique Op. 13 3rd Mvmt. 0:14 0:52
Rage Over A Lost Penny 0:13 0:41
Waldenstein Op. 53 1st Mvmt. 0:14 1:24
Waldenstein Op. 53 3rd Mvmt. 0:17 0:53
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