Meryl is a mermaid with purple-colored hair and a green fish tail. She increases the drop rate of money of all guppies in the tank. Meryl is obtained in Tank 2-4.

Meryl is also the game's hostess, appearing on the main menu to give information about different game modes. Additionally, she is the clerk in The Fish Emporium, offering information about different fish and tank upgrades.


Meryl sings once in a while, causing medium and large-sized guppies drop three pieces of money in a row. Other fish, such as carnivores and starcatchers, are not affected by Meryl's song.

Meryl is quite useful in the first minutes of the level where players need money fast but can be bothersome later in the game if there are a lot of guppies in the tank. Pairing her with SeymourStinkyClyde or Nimbus can be of great help in this situation. In Tank 4, she may become useless due to the ultravore's treasure chests. She is exceptionally helpful if the player has unlocked a limit of four pets for their Virtual Tank as it can make collecting money in screensaver mode quicker.


Meryl's Story

Meryl's Story

"Meryl delights in thrilling audiences around the world with her virtuoso singing talent. She has never been able to measure up in the eyes of the carnivores or ultravores, though. These fish view her simply as another unoriginal corporate-sponsored pop star. To her critics, Meryl would like to point out that she has never sold out by making a music video."


  • Carnivores and ultravores view her as an unoriginal corporate-sponsored pop star, which can be connected to why they don't drop money faster like the guppies.
  • If you click on Meryl on the main menu, her tail will flap.
  • Meryl is the first mammal in the game, followed by Wadsworth, Blip, and Brinkley.
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