A Message is a tip in Insaniquarium. They give you important hints.


Adventure and Tutorial

  • Welcome to Insaniquarium!
  • Here are your first fish! Take good care of them.
  • Your Guppy has died!!!
  • Warning! Use star potion carefully!
  • Your Carnivore has died!
  • Click on coins for extra money!

Default Messages

  • Alien Signature: Type G Detected. (Gus)
  • Alien Signature: Type U Detected .(Ulysses)
  • Multiple Alien Signatures Detected.
  • Fourteen Alien Signature Detected.
  • Just kidding. Only Two.
  • Stop shooting! Alien regains health! (Psychosquid)

Challenge Mode

  • Warning! Alien difficulty increased!

Losing Messages

  • Oops! All of your fish died.
  • Oops! All of your pets died. (Tank 5)
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