Mini-Sylvester is an alien encountered in the final boss level of Adventure Mode and available as a fish in the Virtual Tank. They are the juvenile counterpart of Sylvester.

Adventure Mode

During the Final Boss Fight, Cyrax will spurt out Mini-Sylvesters. They aren't extremely threatening compared to other aliens. With the default level 8 laser, he can be quickly subdued in a couple of shots. Unlike his bigger form, however, he doesn't get full; he rapidly keeps eating the player's pets.


"Mini-Sylvester was created by Cyrax to be a sort of "Yes-Man" or "Toady". Originally he sought to make a Mini-Cyrax, but this plan was disastrous as the Mini-Cyraxes conspired to do away with their creator. Cyrax found the Mini-Sylvesters to be much more malleable to his will... or at least that's what they led him to believe...."

Virtual Tank

These Mini-Sylvester have been domesticated and are readily available to buyers who are fortunate and wealthy enough to encounter and purchase one. A rare and expensive "fish" but, unlike aliens of the other tanks, it will not eat or attack its tank mates. After about a week, it will mature into the big fully grown Sylvester, just like the aggressive ones Tanks 1 and 2 only passive. A Mini-Sylvester costs 15,000 shells for a normal one and drops spiral shells worth 10 shells a piece. They sell for 7,500 shells after 24 hours and 22,500 shells after growing. A fully grown Sylvester drops the coveted Bag-O-Shells worth 20 shells. They almost pay for themselves after maturing.

Mini-Sylvesters eat carnivores. As adults, they will find ultravores much more palatable.



Mini-Sylvester and its food.

  • Mini-Sylvesters never eat food smaller than themselves. As babies, they eat carnivores, and as adults, they eat ultravores. Both of these fish are about 1.5 times their size.
  • In Insaniquarium: Revenge of the Fish, Mini-Sylvesters take the place of a guppy.
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