A list of every mod for the game. NOTE: Only put fan stuff here, and not on any other page.

Insaniqualien/ Revenge of the fish

Insaniqualien is the first complete mod of Insaniquarium. Most fish are replaced with aliens and vice versa. A few examples are: Huge carnivore (replaces Sylvester) and Gash the Shark (replaces Balrog). The final boss is an evil alien mastermind riding a u.f.o. Ironically, it is an ALIEN.Your Objective it very similar feed Aliens Kill Fish!


Developed by the independent B2 Mods Team, this mod overhauls all of the pets into plants and aliens into zombies.

Also from the Bejeweled 2 Mods Team, this is an overhaul of some game elements including the user interface and soundtrack.

Zoom mod

A mod by 1033Forest. It will be released on January 28, 2017. Inspired by the 1999 PBS Kids show ZOOM. This is just a mod of backdrops and menus; none of the fish, pets or aliens will be modified.

Insanicanine DELUXE

A W.I.P. by Canine, possibly will not be finished, mostly an off project. Music will be changed, menus will be changed, cursor, sprites, and possibly modification of the script files (we have no way of opening these files yet, as they are .LUC (compiled lua) files. If you figure out how to modify these files, please let me know ASAP.)


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