Money is the main item of Insaniquarium, and takes the form of dollars ($). It is needed for many things, e.g. buying Guppies, getting egg pieces, upgrading the Laser Gun, e.t.c.

Money Values


The Silver Coin, the Gold Coin, the Star, the Diamond, the Treasure Chest, and the Beetle

Snot: $1

Silver Coin: $15

Gold Coin: $35

Star: $40

Beetle: $150

Bomb: $150

Diamond: $200

Niko's Pearl: $250

Pearl: $500

Treasure Chest: $2000


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In Virtual Tank Mode and the bonus levels in Adventure Mode, shells are a different form of currency used for buying fish for the Virtual Tank, among other things.

Grey Shell/Snot: 1 Shell

The Grey Shell, the Gold Shell, the Blue Conch Shell, and the Silver Spiral Shell

Gold Shell: 2 Shells

Star: 3 Shells

Blue Conch/Bomb: 5 Shells

Beetle: 7 Shells

Niko's Pearl/Silver Spiral Shell: 10 Shells

Bag O' Shells: 20 Shells

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