Money is the main object of collection in Insaniquarium and is counted in the form of dollars. Money is used to purchase upgrades for food and lasers, fish such as guppies and carnivores, and egg pieces to purchase pets. Almost every fish drops money and some pets do as well. Shells, a currency in Virtual Tank Mode, allow the player to purchase permanent fish to care for over a long period of time and upgrades for their tank.


These forms of money are used in Adventure, Time Trial, and Challenge modes of the game and are represented in dollars.

Money Value Dropped By
Nostradamus (3) Snot $1 Nostradamus
SilverCoin Silver Coin $15 Medium guppies
GoldCoin Gold Coin $35 Large guppies, Vert
Star Star $40 Star guppies, Brinkley
Beetle Beetle $150 Guppycruncher
Bomb Bomb $150 Shrapnel
Diamond Diamond $200 Carnivores, King Guppies, Starcatchers, Brinkley
Pearl Niko's Pearl $250 Niko
Pearl Pearl $500 Beetlemunchers, Brinkley
TreasureChest Treasure Chest $2000 Ultravores, Brinkley


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In Virtual Tank Mode and the bonus levels in Adventure Mode, shells are a different form of currency used for buying fish, upgrades, and backdrops for the Virtual Tank. Their currency symbol is represented by yellow scallop (Storeshell) and each shell is the equivalent of a dollar currency item.

Shell Type Value Equivalent Dropped By
Silver Shell Silver Shell 1Storeshell Silver coin Medium Guppies, Small Ball Fish
Gold Shell Gold Shell 2Storeshell Gold coin Large Guppies, Baby Jr. Guppies, Medium Ball Fish, Bilaterus Heads, Vert
Blue Shell Blue Conch Shell 5Storeshell Diamond King Guppies, Medium Jr. Guppies, Starcatchers, Carnivores, Large Ball Fish
Silver shell Silver Spiral Shell 10Storeshell Pearl Beetlemunchers, Large Jr. Guppies, Mini-Sylvesters
Bag Bag O' Shells 20Storeshell Treasure Chest Ultravores, King Jr. Guppies, Aliens, Rocky, Santa



  • The money can max out up to $9999999. This can be easily achieved in Sandbox Mode if you have many fishes in the tank and also spawning an ultravore which gives you a lot of treasure chests.
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