Opening the files

If you go to the main files of the game, look for a folder named "music". In there, are .mo3 files, these can be opened in OpenMPT, and modified. There are 3 files; Alien.mo3 (Alien music) Insaniq2.mo3 (Main game music, tanks, title screen, bonus level, etc.) and Lullaby.mo3 (Credits theme)

Understanding the files

Insaniquarium uses a unique way of music and sound. The .mo3 files use samples and patterns, so for example: Insaniq2.mo3 has over 50 or so patterns, and each pattern contains the notes and script for the song to play. Tank 1 uses a certain row of patterns (Lets say patterns 4-7) it goes through those patterns in a loop, and plays it only on that specific level. But Lullaby and Alien are different, Alien only contains one "track", what i mean is that Alien uses only 15 or so patterns, so when the music starts, you hear the siren and the warning music, the warning music is patterns 1-5, which will keep looping until the alien appears, then it kicks into the main music. which will loop from patterns 6-15 until the alien is defeated. Now Lullaby is a straight line, it plays the patterns in order until the end of the credits, and only uses one sample, very simple to modify. We are not yet fully seasoned on this form of modding yet, but until we are, the only safe way of modding it is to change the samples, but there is another way.

Changing the music to a midi

Have you ever wanted to have your favorite midi play when an alien appears? Rick Astley? Redbone? Even Allstar by Smashmouth? Well you can do this, but the only safe way to do this, is to only modify Alien and Lullaby. If you were to do this on Insaniq2.mo3, it would play random parts of the song on each stage, due to the patterns being mixed up. Now, back to midi. Lets say we are going to modify Alien and change it to Notorious_big.midi, open both files in OpenMPT (There are two ways to do this, depending on how you want to have them play, one way with the normal midi instruments, or one way with the insaniquarium instruments)

  1. If you just want midi instruments, cut to the chase and click "Save as" over Notorious_Big.midi and save it as Alien.mo3. Place it in "music" folder in insaniquarium files. It is as easy as that.

2. Now if you want Insaniquarium instruments, make sure you have both Alien and Notorious_Big open. First, go through Alien.mo3, and click samples. Each sample is one of the sounds that play in Alien, now you can Save these samples by saving them individually as .wavs and naming them whatever you want. Now go back to Notorious_Big, and change each instrument with the samples you saved. Now after that is done, listen to your masterpiece, and save it when you think it is good by clicking "Save as" and saving it as Alien.mo3 and putting it in the "music" folder in insaniquarium files. Bam.

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