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Niko is the second pet that players can get. He is a dark teal oyster with black eyes and purple "lips" that produces pearls that are worth a small sum of money.


Niko quietly sits atop of a pillar or in an alcove in each tank, bobbing up and down until he opens his mouth to reveal a pearl worth $250. This can be very useful in earlier levels and as a Presto transformation in the beginning of each tank to produce the much needed money near the start of the level.

Niko opens up after 34 seconds and every 40 seconds after the first, and he will continue producing pearls even during an alien attack. Niko produces an average of $6.25/sec. This is less than Shrapnel's $8.33/sec, but does not bear the risk of killing fish.

In Virtual Tank, the pearl's value is 10 shells which is worth 100% more money than in Adventure Mode.


Tank 1 - In an rock alcove decorated with corals

Tank 2 - Sitting on top of a short, marble column

Tank 3 - On a flat rock under the bonsai tree

Tank 4 - Sitting on top of the wooden barrel

Tank 5 - Skewered on the giant fork

Exclusive tank - Atop of the castle's left turret


One question that always comes up when talking about NIKO is:
Why doesn't NIKO open his mouth more often? There is a reason
for this. It is because NIKO thinks that opening his mouth may allow
demons to steal his soul. Therefore, he keeps his mouth opening to a


  • Niko's pearl is worth $250, which is half of value produced by beetlemunchers.
  • He resembles the oysters that appear in bonus rounds on Typer Shark Deluxe, another PopCap game.
  • If Presto is transformed into Niko, he will drop to the bottom of the tank instead of Niko's usual location.
  • In Sandbox Mode, if the player spawns multiple oysters, they will appear as one.
  • Despite his feminine appearance, he is referred to male in his story.


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