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[[File:Niko_the_Oyster.png|thumb|72px]]"'''Niko''' produces pearls that you can click on for a hefty sum of money."
'''Niko'''i is gay
Obtained upon the completion of Tank 1-2.
==What it does==
[[File:Niko-pearl.jpg|thumb]] Niko opens up after 34 seconds and every 40 seconds after that to reveal a [[pearl]], which can be clicked on (not collected by pets!) for $250 or, in Virtual Tank, 10 shells. Niko does not move.
Niko produces an average of $6.25/sec. This is less than [[Shrapnel]]'s $8.33/sec, but does not bear the risk of killing fish instead.
Anti-Niko is an alien clam who first appears in insaniqualien. He is as powerful as anti-stinky.
Niko doesn't open his mouth very often, because he is afraid that opening his mouth will let demons steal his soul.
Niko reappears in Typer shark in the pearl finding minigame.

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Nikoi is gay

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