Niko the Oyster
Niko is a blue oyster with pink lips and small black-slitted eyes with big eyebrows. When you select him as a pet, he will appear in the background.


Niko is earned on level 1-2, and opens up once a minute to reveal a Pearl, which can be clicked on for $250. In the Virtual Tank, Niko's pearl is worth 10 shells, and opens once every 40 seconds.


Niko isn't very useful after you get Shrapnel because Shrapnel drops $150 bombs twice as often as Niko. On the other hand, Niko does not kill any fish. Shrapnels bombs will kill fish on impact (in which case, you lose the $150).


Anti-Niko is an alien clam who first appears in insaniqualien. He is as powerful as anti-stinky.

Niko doesn't open his mouth very often, because he is afraid that opening his mouth will let demons steal his soul.

Niko reappears in Typer shark in the pearl finding minigame.

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