Niko the Oyster

Niko is the second pet that you can get. He is a cyan oyster with black eyes and purple "lips".


Niko opens up after 34 seconds and every 40 seconds after that to reveal a pearl, which can be clicked on for $250. In Virtual Tank, it's value is 10 shells. Even if there is an alien attacking, Niko will still open his mouth.

Niko's Story

Niko's Story


One question that always comes up when talking about Niko is: Why doesn't Niko open his mouth more often? There is a reason for this. It is because Niko thinks that opening his mouth may allow demons to steal his soul. Therefore, he keeps mouth opening to a minimum.


Niko produces an average of $6.25/sec. This is less than Shrapnel's $8.33/sec, but does not bear the risk of killing fish instead.


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