Nimbus is a white manta ray that drifts around the tank. Nimbus will toss up any coins or food that he touches during the game.


Nimbus tosses any food and coins up to the top of the tank. If you have starcatchers in your tank, Nimbus will not toss up stars. In Virtual Tank, Nimbus only tosses shells, not food. Nimbus and Seymour are a good pair if there are too many coins in the tank. Pairing Stinky with Nimbus is not recommended because Stinky won't be able to collect any coins as Nimbus tosses them back up.


"Some people want to know: What's Nimbus' record for bouncing a coin up and down? Nimbus answers:"One thousand seven hundred and twenty-four times." Way to go, Nimbus!"


  • In Virtual Tank, Nimbus falls asleep after some inactivity unless using the screensaver.
  • Nimbus will not toss fish food when aliens attack.
  • Nimbus does not toss Zorf's food or Nostradamus' snot.


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