Here a sprit movement of Nostradamus the half nose half fish.

Nostradamus is the nose of president Rutherford B.Hayes. Nostradamus drops snot that is worth $1 each when clicked. It is not really a useful pet. In Adventure Mode, if you have Brinkly in the same tank with him, occasionally a baby guppy will eat some snot and turn into some mini-Nostradamuses. Nostradamus will sneeze at aliens, postponing their attack. You will need more mini-Nostradamuses to postpone more powerful alien attacks. A Sylvester can be postponed with just one, but it takes 3 or more to postpone a Psychosquid. Guppies will often not eat the snot, making you free to click on as many as you want. Just don't do it if a fish is following it. It might starve from waiting too long for you to drop the food. This is not a problem as long as you have Angie, but elsewise be careful! The strange thing about Nostradamus is that the back of his nose contains a fin. While this can locomote his, it is quite strange to have a fin at the back of your nose!!!



  • Nostradamus got his name from a famous man of the 16th Century Nostradamus.
  • In Virtual Tank, if a guppy eats Nostradamus' snot, on the screen just above it, it will say "Yuck!!!" The words, like music notes, will then float up a little bit, and disappear. The same thing happens with Johnny V and his pizza.
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