Here a sprit movement of Nostradamus the half nose half fish.

Nostradamus is the nose of president Rutherford B.Hayes. Nostradamus drops snot that is worth $1 each when clicked. It is not really a useful pet. In Adventure Mode, if you have Brinkly in the same tank with him, occasionally a baby guppy will eat some snot and turn into a copy of the pet. It no longer counts as a fish, but it can be killed by Amp. Nostradamus will sneeze at aliens (if you are sensitive to loud sounds, mute your computor!), postponing their attack. Guppies will often not eat the snot, making you free to click on as many as you want. Just don't do it if a fish is following it. It might starve from waiting too long for you to drop the food. This is not a problem as long as you have Angie, but elsewise be careful!


  • Nostradamus got his name from a famous man of the 16th Century Nostradamus.
  • In Virtual Tank, if a guppy eats Nostradamus' snot, on the screen just above it, it will say "Yuck!!!" The words, like music notes, will then float up a little bit, and disappear. The same thing happens with Johnny V and his pizza.It's really funny, trust me.
  • Medium and Large Guppies can the snot.
  • By players' votes, this is the worst pet ever.But he's kinda funny though.
  • But Plants1 likes this pet
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