Nostradamus is the second bonus pet that can be bought. He looks exactly like a nose with a fish tail. He drifts around the tank and produces snot once in a while.


Nostradamus produces snot that can be clicked on for 1$. If a guppy eats it while it is hungry (when it is green), the guppy turns into another Nostradamus. If it is not shown as hungry, a text saying "Yuck!!!" will appear over the guppy. Nostradamus also sneezes to postpone alien attacks most of the time, but after a few seconds the alien will attack again.


Asked by skeptics whether he really is the nose of President Rutherford B. Hayes, Nostradamus replies: "Yes and no. I was President Hayes' second nose. His first nose was blown off in the Civil War."


  • Nostradamus got his name from a famous Frenchman of the 16th Century who published prophecies under the pen-name "Nostradamus". "Nostradamus" is Latin for "our lady", that is to say, the Virgin Mary.
  • In Virtual Tank, if a guppy eats Nostradamus' snot, on the screen just above it, it will say "Yuck!!!" The words, like music notes, will then float up a little bit, and disappear. The same thing happens with Johnny V and his pizza.
  • Medium and Large Guppies can eat the snot.
  • By players' votes, this is the worst pet ever. Some others feel he is kinda funny.
  • President Rutherford Hayes 1870 - 1880 Restored

    Rutherford Birchard Hayes

    It appears that the fish think the snot is gross, due to fact it came from inside a nose. The fact that the nose is that of a former American President does not seem to have the desired patriotic effect.... Guess that's what you expect from fish.


It is possible for Nostradamus to "clone" himself. It is believed that this occurs when the tank has too many objects in it, causing a framerate lag.

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