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Nostradamus is the second Bonus Pet that can be bought. He looks exactly like a nose with a fish tail. He drifts around the tank and produces Snot once in a while.


Nostradamus produces snot that can be clicked on for 1$. If a Guppy eats it while it is hungry (when it is green), the guppy turns into an another Nostradamus. In virtual tank, if the guppy is not green, a text saying "Yuk!" will appear over the guppy and then it dies. Nostradamus also sneezes to postpone Alien attacks for a few moments.


Asked by skeptics whether he really is the nose of President Rutherford B. Hayes, Nostradamus replies: "Yes and no. I was President Hayes' second nose. His first nose was blown off in the Civil War."

Rutherford Birchard Hayes


  • Nostradamus got his name from a famous Frenchman of the 16th Century who published prophecies under the pen-name "Nostradamus". "Nostradamus" is Latin for "our lady", that is to say, the Virgin Mary.
  • It appears that the Fish think the Nostradamus' Snot is gross, due to fact it came from inside a nose. The fact that the nose is that of a former American President does not seem to have the desired patriotic effect.... Guess that's what you expect from fish.
  • By players' votes, this is the worst Pet ever. Some others feel he is kinda funny.
  • In Virtual Tank Mode, if a Guppy eats Nostradamus' snot, on the screen just above it, it will say "Yuk!" The words, like music notes, will then float up a little bit, and disappear. The same thing happens with Johnny V and his pizza.
  • When Nostradamus postpones an Alien attack, on the bottom on screen a message will appear. It says "Attack postponed by the Sneeze of Power!"
  • When the last guppy is turned into a Nostradamus (as long as there is no other fish type), the game will give you a free guppy.
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