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Other modes are basically the other game

modes besides adventure. All of them are in the main menu except sandbox mode, which is a secret mode. The ones listed in the main menu are Time trial, Challenge, and Virtual tank.

Time trial

for further information, see Time Trial Mode.

Time Trial mode is another mode which tests your money-making skills over a limited amount of time. Each tank is unlocked after completing a tank in Adventure Mode (e.g. After completing Tank 1 in Adventure Mode, Tank 1 is also unlocked in Time Trial Mode).


for further information, see Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is for experts of the game. The goal for this mode is the same as Adventure Mode: collect three egg pieces to finish the level. However, there are some twists, which pretty much makes Challenge Mode challenging.

Virtual tank

for further information, see Virtual Tank Mode

Virtual Tank Mode is a mode of Gameplay in Insaniquarium Deluxe Version. It allows you to grow fish, collect shells, then use shells to buy certain fish that are in the shop that day. It also has many upgrades, such as new Backgrounds, Musical Fish, and even extremely rare fish not seen in Adventure Mode.

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