There are two different kinds of Pearls in Insaniquarium.

Regular Pearls

In Tank 3, Beetlemunchers drop pearls worth $500 every 11 seconds. Beetlemunchers will not drop Pearls in Virtual Tank Mode and instead drop Silver Spiral Shells worth 10 Shells. Occasionally, Brinkley will drop, or rather, spout out a Pearl after being fed. Like the Beetlemunchers' pearls, Brinkley's pearls are worth $500 and 10 Shells in the Virtual Tank.

Niko's Pearls

Pearls can also be obtained from Niko. His Pearls are worth only $250 and he only opens his mouth every 40 seconds. They are worth 10 Shells in Virtual Tank Mode.


  • Niko's pearls have a 50% increase in value in the Virtual Tank, having the same worth as a spiral shell.
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