Pets are unlockable creatures that aid players in maintaining their aquarium using a wide array of abilities ranging from collecting money to wrecking havoc on invading aliens. One pet is unlocked after completing each tank for the first time (excluding Tank 4-5).

Pets can generally be sorted into one of the four following categories:

  • Income - pets that increase the amount of money the player comes into contact with
  • Collection - pets that help prevent money from wasting away on the ground
  • Defense - pets that either attack aliens or defend the player's fish during an attack
  • Support - pets that help maintain fish in the tank, such as by keeping them healthy

Pets are unable to be harmed by aliens and other hazards. Players may choose up to three pets to use in each level (four after purchasing the respective upgrade in Bonus Adventure mode). Choosing pets that compliment each other is sometimes key to quickly completing certain levels.

Bonus Pets are available for purchase after the shell game from beating a tank. After purchasing the four bonus pets (Brinkley, Nostradamus, Stanley, and Walter), players have the option to increase the number of pets they can have to four. Another pet limit upgrade is available for purchase afterward that allows players to have seven pets in Virtual Tank Mode.

Pet Description Tank
Stinky the Snail
Stinky STINKY roams around the bottom of your tank, catching any coins you may have missed. Tank 1-1
Niko NIKO produces pearls that you can click on for a hefty sum of money. Tank 1-2
Itchy The Sword Fish
Itchy ITCHY helps you by attacking aliens when they appear. Tank 1-3
Prego the Breeder
Prego PREGO helps populate your tank by giving birth to a new baby guppy every so often. Tank 1-4
Zorf the Seahorse
Zorf ZORF gives you a hand in keeping your fish fed. Tank 1-5
Clyde the Jellyfish
Clyde CLYDE drifts slowly through the tank, collecting any coins it passes by. Tank 2-1
Vert the Skeleton
Vert VERT drops gold coins just like a large guppy, but doesn't need fish food to survive. Tank 2-2
Rufus the Crab
Rufus RUFUS does heavy damage to enemies you've lured to the bottom of the tank. Tank 2-3
Meryl the Mermaid
Meryl MERYL's song cheers up all the guppies in the tank, making them drop coins faster. Tank 2-4
Wadsworth WADSWORTH helps by sheltering your baby and medium guppies from hungry aliens. Tank 2-5
Seymour the turtle
Seymour SEYMOUR's presence makes all the coins and diamonds drift at a slower rate. Tank 3-1
Shrapnel SHRAPNEL drops bombs that blow up fish on contact but gives lots of cash when clicked. Tank 3-2
Gumbo GUMBO attracts guppies using the lantern on his head, luring them away from aliens. Tank 3-3
Blip BLIP provides you with info that helps you better combat aliens and keep your fish fed. Tank 3-4
Rhubarb RHUBARB snaps his claws at fish, keeping them off the bottom of your tank. Tank 3-5
Nimbus NIMBUS tosses any food or coins he catches back up toward the top of the tank. Tank 4-1
Amp AMP can electrocute your entire tank, killing your fish and turning them into diamonds. Tank 4-2
Gash GASH viciously attacks aliens, but will snack on one of your guppies from time to time. Tank 4-3
Angie ANGIE has the ability to resurrect dead fish. Tank 4-4
Presto Change PRESTO into any of your other pets by right-clicking on him. Tank 5-1
Brinkley Likes: peach muffins, all things brown and sticky. Dislikes: arugula Bonus Pets
Nostradamus The Nose
Nostradamus Little known fact: NOSTRADAMUS is the nose of ex-president Rutherford B. Hayes Bonus Pets
Stanley STANLEY knows no fear.. except that of badgers, aprons, and badgers wearing aprons. Bonus Pets
Walter Choosing this pet donates all procedes to the Falafel Foundation. Free the falafels! Bonus Pets
Tank 1 StinkyNikoItchyPregoZorf
Tank 2 ClydeVertRufusMerylWadsworth
Tank 3 SeymourShrapnelGumboBlipRhubarb
Tank 4 NimbusAmpGashAngie
Tank 5 Presto
Bonus BrinkleyNostradamusStanleyWalter
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