Prego is the fourth pet overall. She is orange in color and has light red fins. She has a blue scarf with white polka dots. She gives birth to a guppy once in a while.


Prego gives birth to a new baby guppy every so often much like a medium/large breeder. She does not need to be fed and breeding may become annoying after a while. While this may be good at the start, soon players will need carnivores, guppycrunchers, or even alien attacks, just to keep things under control because the tank can get overpopulated quickly.

Prego pairs very well with pets that have the potential of killing fish, such as Amp for diamond generation (along with Angie and Presto as a second Angie), Gash to reduce the price from having guppies eaten, and Shrapnel in the event of bomb mishaps. Zorf can also prove indispensable once there are too many fish to keep track of for feeding.

Assuming the player has mostly guppies and carnivores in the beginning, Prego does well in the Virtual Tank with Zorf and Stinky for the purpose of feeding fish while collecting money in screensaver mode.


"Everyone knows Prego as a loving mother to a thousand guppies. But the question on everybody's mind is: Where did she get that exquisite scarf? Prego answers, "Oh, this thing? Son 183,241 gave it to me... no wait... it was son 183,240. I always get those two mixed up.""


  • Prego will delay the birth of guppies during an alien attack.
  • Prego has two Codes dedicated to her.
    • If "prego" is typed in, her normal noise will be replaced with a squeak, sounding somewhat like a giggle.
    • If "supermegaultra" is typed in, her normal noise will be replaced with an incredibly noisy fart.


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